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air exchange testing concept - expert commercial air exchange testing services

Commercial Air Exchange Testing Services

Poor air circulation can lead to condensation issues, which in turn lead to a build up of mold, dust, radon, viruses, bacteria, and other toxins.

Providing an adequate supply of outdoor air and ensuring regular air exchange is an important aspect of building design and construction.

For air exchange, natural ventilation is usually a good option, but not always possible. Most heating and cooling systems do not bring fresh air into a building although new advanced designs do include mechanical systems that bring outdoor air inside.

Whether air is introduced naturally or mechanically, it is important to maintain ventilation and circulation and to ensure that air exchange is happening throughout a building and not just in certain areas.

Through air exchange testing we can evaluate the flow rate of air into your building as well as the rate of air exchange between its internal spaces.

Our air exchange testing services are extremely thorough. Whether you are seeking advice for a new design, or looking for improved efficiency in an existing building, we offer comprehensive and detailed air exchange testing.

As part of the testing we identify air intake, air flow, look for air leakage sites, measure airtightness, and evaluate your overall ventilation system efficiency.

If we identify air exchange issues we will recommend long-term solutions that will prolong the health of both your building and its occupants.

Efficient air exchange within a building decreases the risk of poor health, fabric deterioration, and indoor air pollution. It also increases energy efficiency and lowers energy costs.

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