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air flow testing concept - expert commercial air flow testing services in NH, ME, MA

Commercial All-System Air Flow Testing, Diagnostics and Solutions For Air Balancing

Heating and cooling systems are only as good as their airflow. Testing for air balance between interior spaces within your building is vital to the efficient operation of your climate control systems.

Often the efficiency of air flow in an air conditioning or heating system can be reduced by as much as 50%. Such inefficiency can only be measured through expert air flow testing and balancing.

By measuring the airflow and testing for air balance throughout your building we can determine the efficiency of your system and identify areas that are causing problems.

We consider the whole system and can test and diagnose every component, from plant to ductwork to outlets. Some problems, like the installation of additional dampers or balancing valves, can be quick and easy to fix. Others, like the redesigning of an entire duct network, might be harder to configure. But, whatever the size of the issue, we always offer air balancing solutions that will be long-lasting and energy efficient.

Our highly trained technicians are known for their attention to detail. We guarantee to get to the root of a problem and offer practical long-term solutions rather than short-term fixes.

Our services include air flow testing of constant and variable systems, under-floor heat systems, fan-powered systems, multiple plant systems, and more. We offer air flow testing and balancing for existing systems and consulting services for systems that are still in design.

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